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Reg. No.:07869
Owner:Golimax GmbH
Product:Battery Charger Smart Charger
Type:S2; S4; S6
Valid until:08.09.2021

GebrauchstauglichThe Hansecontrol Fit For Use (FFU) program reviews and evaluates the usability of a wide range of products. It includes tests in the categories function, handling, workmanship and durability (if applicable), also in comparison to similar products on the market. The single tests that belong to the main categories consider the customer´s requirements on the respective product. Moreover, the product is tested to comply with all relevant legal and normative requirements.The layout of the certification-mark may differ on some packing or media offer.

Category Weight Tests Grade
function 50 % Technical function
lifetime 17 % Endurance test
handling 25 % User Manual
workmanship 8 % Workmanship
    Total grade 2.1

functionIn the course of the functional testing of products from the garden/recreational/camping/travelling segment it is reviewed in light of existing standards, whether the product provides the functionality specified and meets the expectations of the customer. Testing and evaluation takes place following typical usage conditions.
lifetimeBy testing the durability we expect a multi-year use under normal burden. This load is simulated by a mechanical endurance test
handlingTesting and evaluation of the handling includes the ease of use, the complexity of the structure and assembly, the implementation, as well as the stability and the cleanability of the product.
workmanshipTo evaluate the manufacturing quality, the transitions between the individual components and the stability of moving components are examined. In this context, possible risks of injury are also identified. All of these tests are carried out under the aspect of an outdoor use too.